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Internal Regulations "Andromeda Apartment in Colosseum"

Dear guests!

You are going to spend your vacation in a private apartment. We are committed to creating a welcoming environment and we hope you will enjoy a wonderful and recreational period in our holiday apartment. With a respectful use of the apartment, you will help us to be able to make a valuable holiday accommodation available in the future.

Staying at the “Andromeda Apartment in Colosseum” means accepting these regulations:

Art. 1 Arrival Check-in can be from (or before) 02:00 pm after agreements with the landlord and / or person in charge;

– Upon arrival (or before), the tenant and each guest is required to deliver (or send via e-mail) their valid personal identification document (identity card or passport) to the landlord and / or person in charge promptly, so that he can report their presence to the competent office. It is not possible to accommodate in the apartment people other than those declared at the time of booking.

– Any additional visitors must be previously approved during the booking phase and are subject to additional costs.

– The tenant will receive the keys of the apartment. In case of  loss and / or deterioration of the keys, timely notice must be given to the landlord and / or person in charge; the tenant will be charged for any costs of replacing the locks and / or restoring them;

– The tenant is solely responsible for keeping the keys;

– Any damage and / or deterioration of any kind must be reported within 2 hours of check-in, after this deadline damage and / or breakages will be charged to the tenant.

Art. 2  DepartureCheck-out must be done by 10:00 am upon agreement with the landlord and / or person in charge;- At the time of check-out the keys must be returned to the landlord and / or person in charge;- The parties acknowledge that at the time of check-out the tenant will take care of the general rearrangement of the leased property as well as cleaning-up and washing the dishes;- The landlord and / or person in charge at the time of check-out has the right to check and report any damage and / or deterioration of the structure or equipment caused by the tenant and guests. In any case, the landlord and / or person in charge reserves the right to report any damage to the tenant within 24 hours after check-out, indicating the estimate of the damage for a possible reimbursement.

Art. 3  Rules of conductBehaviour, activities, games and use of equipment that disturb the other condominiums in the building are strictly prohibited inside the structure at any time. Adults are responsible for the behaviour of minors in their care..Excessive noise is prohibited at any time of the day and a violation of this can lead to the termination of the rental contract, loss of the paid amount for the rent and extra costs deducted from the  deposit. Please do not slam the doors. if you come home late please close the entrance door and close the door of your apartment gently so as not to disturb others who already sleep.Remember to always close the two lift doors.– The tenant and each guest are required to take care of their personal effects and valuables left in the apartment; the owner is not responsible for any loss or damage to any personal effects.- The tenant and each guest are responsible for their own behaviour in the apartment and surrounding area (condominium Via Labicana 58) and, in the event of an accident attributable to tenant/guest,  they shall be called upon to make good the damage.- The tenant and / or guests, before leaving the apartment, are responsible to lock the entrance door and the windows, to turn off the lights and all electrical appliances (TV, stove, air conditioning. ..) and close the water taps, in order to ensure the safety of the property and prevent rainwater damage or flooding in the apartment- In the bedrooms it is absolutely forbidden to use stoves for food preparation;- The overnight stay in the accommodation is allowed only to the number of people indicated at the booking time;- The presence of animals of any size, species or breed is not allowed unless authorized by the landlord and in any case their presence has to be declared at the time of booking;- The owner of the structure or the person in charge has the right, in the absence of the guest and in particular circumstances of emergency, to enter in the apartment in order to avoid the occurrence of possible damage or dangers. The owner is required to promptly inform the guest of their entry into the apartment.- The owner reserves the right to withdraw the possibility of stay of guests if they do not comply with the provisions of these rules or cause disturbance to neighbors and other residents of the community.- We invite you to communicate your observations, wishes or praise to the landlord, who is at your complete disposal 24 hours a day.

Art. 4 Apartment Bathroom and Kitchen– In the apartment you will find everything you need: blankets, pillows, towels, kitchen utensils and household utensils.- The linen change (which you find clean at the beginning of your stay) takes place once a week for the sheets  and for the towels, unless the extra service of linen change and / or cleaning and rearrangement of the apartment.- Keep the apartment clean and tidy up during the stay is the responsibility of the guest unless an extra cleaning service is requested.- Do not throw away diapers, paper or other bulky material in the toilet;- Use the special bins for the separate collection of plastic, metal, paper and residual waste. The full bags must be taken to the garbage bins placed in front of the entrance door.

Art. 5 Prohibitions– Any annoying noise is forbidden from 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm and from 11:00 pm to 07:00 am;- During the rental period, organize parties and / or events in the structure is forbidden except in the case of prior agreement with the landlord and / or person in charge;- It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the holiday home;- It is strictly forbidden to remove furnishing accessories, appliances or parts of the equipment supplied (towels, blankets and the like) from the apartment / room. In case of removal the price of the object plus penalty will be charged to the tenant;- The tenant is prohibited from sub-letting the whole and / or part of the property.

Art. 6 Deposit– The deposit of € 250.00 for the stay is paid by the tenant at the time of signing the contract and is returned in full at the end of the stay, except for any damage;- In the event of damage subject to agreements, this amount is deducted from the deposit paid. In case the damage exceeds the deposit amount, the tenant will pay an additional amount to balance the amount of the damage;- In absence of agreement about the amount of the damage, the deposit is retained in full and not returned at the end of the stay, and, in the following days, you will receive invoice and / or receipts for any refunds or compensation.

Art. 7 Useful Numbers– If necessary, call the owner mobile phone +39 371-4623538 or +39 338-5971457 or +39 347-7795530.– If necessary, call the Police +39 112. Inform the owner;- In case of fire, call the Fire Brigade +39 115 and notify to the owner;- In case of illness, call +39 118 and notify the owner. By booking the apartment, it is assumed that the house rules are recognized and confirmed.

We wish you a pleasant and comfortable stay!